Roommate Access


About Roommate Access

After the primary account holder subscribes and the account is active, the primary account holder can log into their STELLAR My Account and click 'Add Roommates'. Roommates can then create a roommate login and add WiFi devices.

Benefits to setup your roommate account:

  1. Access community WiFi. Check if your apartment has it available.
  2. Add WiFi devices.
  3. Save on your wireless data plan by streaming at home and at other STELLAR powered communities.
  4. Instantly connect when you're at STELLAR powered communities.
  5. Ability to open support tickets.

Community WiFi access:

Each occupant should add their own WiFi devices under their own accounts. See #3 on how to create a roommate login and how to add WiFi devices.

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Account Access Types

There are two roommate account types: standard and admin.

Standard Access

  1. By default, roomates are added with standard access.
  2. Standard account provides access to technical support and adding WiFi devices.
  3. Can't make changes to the account.

Admin Access

Standard plus account has all the standard options, plus:

  1. Access to billing.
  2. Add, upgrade, or remove services.
  3. Add additional users.
  4. Can make changes to account.
  5. Must be 18 or older.

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Adding Roommates

Each roommate is required to create their own login for the account. If you are the primary account holder, you must add roommates on your 'My Account'.

Note: Roommates will not be able to register/connect their devices and access Community WiFi until this step is complete.

How to Add Roommates

  1. Within your 'My Account', hover over the left navigation bar and click the 'Occupants' option.
  2. Enter your roommates information and click 'Add'.

Note: this will send your roommate(s) an email with instructions on how to register their own acount. Roommates must complete their own account registration to gain access to Community WiFi capabilities.

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