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Spotlight On Cron Management

An evolution of managing property and making people happy   

It quickly became evident this story would be as much about caring for people as it would be about property management and how doing the right thing is the best course for success.

A story about Cron Management is a story about its founder, Doug Cron. Growing up working on a family farm along with many other jobs he had in Midland, Doug learned what hard work was and how working with your hands can lead to a long and successful career in construction, development, and property management. Having met David Krause while attending Michigan State University, together they formed what would be a 46-year partnership to acquire, build, and manage prime student rental and commercial properties in East Lansing. 

Cron Management continues to thrive, having grown a portfolio that today includes over 70,000-square-feet of commercial real estate space and 300 residential units. The kicker is that growing Cron Management was neither Doug nor David's day job. David had a successful commercial real estate appraisal practice up until his passing this last August while Doug was a full-time prof and the Undergraduate Coordinator of Construction Management at MSU. Over the course of his 30 years at MSU, Doug taught what he knew and what he practiced.  As professor and mentor, Doug helped many get their start on a very successful career path in construction and property management, including Ron Boji, president of Boji Group, and Pat Gillespie, president of Gillespie Group.

Doug and David's talents played well together. David handled the aesthetics while Doug focused on the aspects of building construction and property management. 

It wasn't an easy street. Managing new properties with all the modern built-in amenities is one thing. Investing in, maintaining, and managing single home rental properties that are 50 to 100 years old is quite another. Upgrading outdated and aging infrastructure, blending into the neighborhoods, working with the local historical society, and in the end, delivering a quality product, takes a very special cut of the jib. One that Cron has certainly cut masterfully by staying true to his values and principles.

Cron's Checklist for success:

Wouldn't we all be well-served to use this checklist to guide our own businesses, careers, and lives?
Sharing the principles of serving others, and as we say at Spartan Net, going “One Step Further”, became the foundation of our working relationship. Cron brings the community and Spartan Net brings state-of-the-art Internet and technology. We are truly grateful for the relationship and synergies that Spartan Net has developed over the years to serve Cron management. Ultimately, working together to help make Cron's residents happy.