Speed is Not Performing

What Is Affecting My Speed?

There are many factors can affect your Internet connection speed. All your connected and active devices share your Internet connection. The more devices downloading, streaming, or gaming, the more likely you could notice slower speeds.
Situations that may affect your Internet speed:
  1. Speed of the websites and services you are connecting to.
  2. Laptop, desktop, or device you are using. Ex. max speed for iPhone 7 is 450 Mbps.
  3. Multiple streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive uses.
  4. Wireless signal level (2.4 Ghz vs. 5.0 Ghz.
  5. Your WiFi router. Ex: Max speed for wireless N300 or N150 is 100 Mbps.

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Suggested Solution to Optimize Your Speed

Recommended Wireless Routers

Each apartment is capable of gigabit speeds. We want you to be able to take full advantage of gigabit service! So, keep in mind that an old wireless router may be affecting your speeds.
When shopping for a router, there are some important qualities you should look for to get the most out of your ultra-fast gigabit service.
Qualities to avoid:
"Wireless N300 or N150"
"10/100 Base T"
"Operating Frequency
2.4 GHz Only"
Qualities to look for:
"Dual Band"
"10/100/1000 Base T"
"Operating Frequency
2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz"
Our Recommendations:
TP Link:
Archer C7
Archer C59

Rebooting Your Computer

Turn your computer off/back on periodically. Rebooting will close programs that run in the background.

Less Open Applications

Minimize the number of applications running simultaneously along with the number of tabs opened in your browser.

Staying Current

For best results, use the most current software. Newer software has updated features and added security. The best way to keep your PC current is to turn on automatic updates.

Clear Your Browser's Cache

Periodically clearing your cache will improve your web browsers performance.
How to clear browser cache:
-Launch your Web browser.
-Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
-Select the items you'd like to clear from the browsing history menu.
-Select the Delete or Clear button, depending on your browser type.
-Close and re-start your browser.

Wireless Connections

Make sure you are connected to the SSID 'Stellar 2.4'. 'Stellar 5' or 'Stellar Registered Devices' for the fastest wireless connection. Depending on the age of your device, you may be connecting to a slower WiFi spectrum.

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